Business · January 18, 2022

Roller Applied Vs Self Levelling Epoxy – the Difference

Epoxy self levelling coating is a widely used chemical that has various benefits. The hardness of the chemical and its sturdy nature makes it a common choice for concrete among contractors. There are different ways of applying this coating and each provides a different kind of finish. Epoxy can be applied either with a roller or left to level itself out. There are certain key differences between both application methods that every contractor should know.

Final Look

When the epoxy is applied with a roller, it has a more texture look and feels. This is sometimes a result of the forward and backward motion of the roller against the chemical. When left to level out, it has a much smoother look and finishes. The floor will have a mirror-like effect when using an epoxy self-leveling coating than a roller-applied coating.

Cost and Resources

Roller applied epoxy is much thinner and lighter than self-leveling epoxy. The roller helps spread out the chemical, saving the amount of product that will be used for the project. Whereas, self-leveled epoxy takes up more product and needs to be much thicker than a roller applied coating. The extra save in the amount of product used ultimately saves cost and also reduces the time required to set. While using self-leveling coating will cost much more and take up more resources, depending on the size of the space as well.

Application Process

No doubt using a roller makes the epoxy much easier to apply and be spread out across the surface area. Leaving the epoxy to level out itself is a bit more difficult and tends to be messier because a fresh batch of chemicals will need to be mixed ever so often. Self-leveled floor coating also takes longer to set, while a roller applied coating only takes a short time to dry up because of the thin layer needed.


Because of the difference in texture, both types of coatings can be used for different purposes and in different industries. A smoother floor finish is preferred in restaurants and pharmaceutical companies, while the rough texture acts as an anti-slip property. The self-leveling coat has a longer lifespan and does not wear easily due to the thick layers, while the roller applied coat is susceptible to easily wearing off or getting damaged. The use of chemicals to clean the floors is also another factor to consider when selecting the type of topcoat to use for the floors. You can get an epoxy resin flooring Dubai contractor to help with your floors.