Business · December 29, 2021

Common Challenges Faced by Fleet Management Companies

GPS Tracking Fleet Management Solutions

For companies operating fleets in the UAE Region, it could be very tasking to monitor vehicles as they have to cover a wide expanse. Also, the number of vehicles to manage is another issue that companies and fleet managers have to deal with regularly. However, technology makes all of this easy to handle. Thanks to the ever-useful GPS tracking fleet management solutions, it’s easy to monitor and manage the vehicles using fleet management software. Here are a few challenges you could handle using a fleet management application.

Retrieving Drivers’ Location

If you need to identify the exact location of a driver in transit, you can use the software to pinpoint exactly where the driver is per time. This could come in handy when you need to give location feedback to a customer expecting a delivery.

Cutting Fleet Running Cost

A fleet management application can help you monitor the different routes all vehicles take daily. In that way, you can limit the cost of management by cutting out recurring routes.

Monitoring Fleet’s Activity

The fleet management software has the functionality to allow you to monitor the activities of all the different vehicles that are under your fleet. You can know when your driver goes into an unauthorized area or leaves his normal route. The system will make a note of it and also alert you.

Planning Multiple Delivery Routes

When it comes to planning for multiple routes, it could get overwhelming for the human brain. The fleet management software however offers the best possible routes while considering traffic and the speed needed to ensure perfect delivery.

Identifying Drivers Location and Vehicle Type

You can use fleet management software to identify the kind of vehicle that each driver is using and also identify his location. This can come in handy when sorting out which driver drives what vehicle. Once a driver logs into the system, the application immediately brings out his information including the vehicle that he is driving.

Improving Fleet Efficiency and Productivity

Every company aims to become more efficient and more productive. With all your vehicles being monitored on one software, you can see everything as it happens on different routes and with different vehicles. It’s easier to detect those places that need improvement in efficiency and productivity.


Managing your fleet could be a very tedious job but with the fleet management application, you can be sure to stay one step ahead of the demand that comes with managing a fleet. Get a fleet management software and crush all the challenges facing you in your fleet management. Download our App today to learn more.